Tom Hodge - The Mauritanian

Release on Sony Music, Februaty 12, 2021

  1. Mohamedou's Theme
  2. They Want To Talk To You
  3. Schrödinger's Cat
  4. Your Name Came Up
  5. When Do We Start?
  6. No Beverages, No Snacks
  7. Step Up To The Line, IDs Out
  8. This Is Our Guy
  9. Focus On Our Client's Testimony
  10. Afghanistan
  11. Marseille
  12. Do Me A Favour
  13. The Real Charlie Sheen
  14. I Don't Know This Man
  15. Redacted
  16. If We Don't Give The OGC A Date...
  17. The General's Not Coming To You
  18. Change The Conversation
  19. I'm Not At Liberty To Share MFRs
  20. Do You Want A Boy Or Girl?
  21. One Day We'll Be Home
  22. Your Pass Has Been Revoked
  23. I Know You Were Close
  24. He Confessed
  25. Be Truthful
  26. Someone Has To Answer For That
  27. Memorandum For The Record
  28. I Know You Want Me
  29. Are You Expecting Someone?
  30. Get Him Out Of Here
  31. I Would Like To Confess
  32. I Will, With God's Help
  33. You're A Traitor
  34. This Is How, Even Here, I Can Be Free

Total Album Time: 53:02